Sunday July 30th 2006, 8:29 am
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Dear filthy bitch,

Again I write to you from the tip of my soul to the bottom of my heart. This letter is in regards to Chance, my love. What is it about Chance that we appreciate so much? How about the fact that Chance led you to me, that Chance began all that was our love. However, with Chance comes risk, like the risk I took in marrying you, in loving you, in creating a now non-existent life with you. I gave up so much to help you, to be with us, to create our love. And to thank me for that risk—to show your gratitude—you fucked me over by giving up, you fucking quitter. You gave up; you took no Chances. You used my ability to love like a dirty towel. You washed your hands with me and threw me out. You don’t care where I end up, if I end up at all. You don’t care if I live, succeed, fail, or die. You are not my friend—you are loveless, selfish and narcissistic. You’re a fallen woman who knows nothing beyond yourself. You risk nothing and live off of the risks of others. For this, I hate you. You have a very special place in my life now. I’ve never hated anyone before this Chance. You will die alone and unhappy. And because of this, I smile.

Thank you, and fuck you,


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