Monday August 07th 2006, 2:34 pm
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To the worst part of my day: Yes you.

How can I describe the suffering your images have caused me today? I was planning on having a nice day, one without anxiety, fear, cold sweats, chills, and above all, without my heart breaking into a million different pieces. You bitch, you cheating bitch. I know, itís not my responsibility anymore to care about you, to think in terms of us, but how could you post such horrific displays of coldness? You and your fuck buddy Konane can eat shit and die. When I saw the pictures you posted online, a wave of numbness surged through my body. I went into shock. To see your legs spread over his, to know what you two must have indulged in, you dirty fuckers. How could you do that, and then display those photos publicly? Are you trying to kill me? Do you not care at all that I am suffering over this? I couldnít feel my body for two hours after seeing those pictures. I didnít know what to do, so I rode my bike to the park. Have you ever tried to ride a bike while crying; have you ever tried to bike when you canít even feel your own body? I didnít care about cars, life or death. You did this to me today. Iíve made my first appointment with the therapist I canít afford. Iím lost because I have lost. And you wrote to me today asking, ďI thought you were doing OK, what happened?Ē Iíll tell you what happened: You happened. And I never thought Iíd say this, but I wish you hadnít. I wish I never met you. Youíve ruined something beautiful in me, and you didnít have to lift a finger. I am shocked by your ruthless bratty behavior. You must know what youíre doing to me. You must know how this is killing me. And if you donít, shame on you! Shame on you anyways for posting those pictures, for everything youíve done to hurt me. Shame on you for not caring about me, shame on you. I just canít imagine how unsympathetic you are, how blatantly selfish youíve become. I donít even know if youíre worth my hate anymore. Youíre worthless dear wife. Iím sick with disgust.


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