Monday August 21st 2006, 12:59 pm
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To my scared friend,

First of all, I want to remind you, Iím not a psychopath. I couldnít sleep well last night because those words you screamed to me over the phone. ďYouíre a psycho!Ē kept haunting my dreams and my thoughts. You see, Iíd like to consider myself border- line between insane and genius Ė thatís all. Yesterdayís stunt with the water gun has helped us be decisive about the future of our relationship Ė itís ending, very quickly, forever. You want nothing to do with me anymore and I can sympathize with your request. As I promised you over the phone yesterday, I will respect all your wishes. I do appreciate the fact that you arenít getting a restraining order on me. You know how I hate legal enforcement in my life. However, I honestly donít believe my squirt gun antics were worthy of such a consequence. Laughter kills the monster. You should try it sometime. I really did want to be friends with you, but you donít know the nature of friendship, and therefore cannot comprehend what friendship means to me. Consequently, there was a huge void between you and I, post-breakup. We sent vague emails, didnít return phone calls, thought of each other as unfriendly, and at times, despised one another. But not out of sheer hate; merely out of your inability to sympathize with the hard times we were going through. However, talking about us being friends now seems a bit absurd and pointless. You now see me as an enemy, someone who is out to hurt you and your life. But this is your mere myopic perception of your narcissistic life. You now equate me with your ex-lover Rick, the one who broke your arm, your nose, who put a real gun to your head threatening to kill you, who almost killed himself in your presence. Well, Iím not Rick. Iím not the one who will stalk you on your way home from work. And Iím damn well not the one who will hurt you, at all, ever again. We are through. You and I have nothing left. But, that doesnít mean I am going to stop writing to you. Just because you and I will never share a smile again, just because you think Iím a psycho, doesnít mean I still donít want to update you on whatís going on in this ďpsychoticĒ head of mine. After all, promises are promises. You said some pretty harsh things to me yesterday. I doubt you regret any of it.

ĖYour not so scared husband.

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