Wednesday August 30th 2006, 8:40 am
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My My,

I just saw a horrific ghost (twice)! Iím sure you can guess what earthly form this specter tookóIt was you. My dear lost love! You were walking down Church Street towards your favorite place to rent movies. I happened to be returning a couple of movies when, unbeknownst to me, you appeared on the street. Now, I know better than to taunt an angry ghost when I donít have my special ghost-zapping apparatus on me, so I played it cool, looked the other way, and rode off into the sunset. My pulse was racing and my heart was beating through my emaciated chest. What would have happened if I provoked you and said ďhello?Ē Would you have literally kicked my ass like you promised to do not too long ago? Maybe you wouldnít even have acknowledged me, as we all know itís difficult to make contact with the spirit world. Even though all my instincts tell me to leave well enough alone, to leave you alone, thereís a part of me that wants to ride back to the movie rental store and try to make contact with you. However, I think Iíll just write about this brief visual encounter instead of making any drastic actions that could lead to my own arrest. I want to think you were bluffing on the phone, but these actions will remain thoughts just in case you werenít. You were so angry with me; I could feel your energy though the telephone itself. But on Church Street just now, you seemed like your docile quiet self. Iím sure contact with me would have filled you with anger and adrenaline. These are two very terrible chemicals for you. Iím not trying to ruin your life, as you suppose I am, however until I leave this city, there might be a couple more encounters between you and I. You can be sure that if and when we do meet, you will only be experiencing my physical form because my mind has long ago left these lands. Thatís not to say Iím crazy, but what I mean is that you no longer get the privilege of my kindness and mental equity. If we share words, they will be logistical instructions as how to make this official divorce function easier for both parties. Even though the visual sight of you still stimulates my nerves, rest assured that you will never stimulate my heart anymore than its already beaten and battered state. I know you think youíve stricken fear into my heart, but you havenít. I am intrepid towards your critique. The only one I fear is myself, and thatís only because I havenít laughed in a long while. Though it was nice to see your ghost, it would have been nicer if you had seen the ghost of my heart, my kindness. You only focus on the bad times, the fearful times. Well Love, my fearful times have been the most rewarding instances in the past. Marrying you, for example, struck fear in the deepest sections of my heart, but I still enjoyed the experience, even though I regret the outcome of our home-building project.

With ghost like thoughts,


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