Wednesday October 18th 2006, 6:57 am
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To Saturday,

With a thumping chest and trembling hands, I got the nerve to call you. Surprisingly you answered the phone (I hoped that you would just let the voicemail pick up). Your “hello” was pleasant, as was mine. I told you of my plans for leaving San Francisco in exactly one week and you responded with a shocking “for Good?!” “Yes, for good” I stated. I then went into the reason for calling you. I want some of my movies back as well as my coffee maker. There are a few documentaries on artists that I wish to take with me to Los Angeles, and well, you bought a new coffee maker, so you won’t need my old one. I told you that Monday would be a good day to meet up, half expecting you to schedule a chaperone for our encounter. I still sensed a bit of animosity in you, but I didn’t react towards your tone of voice. You told me that Monday afternoon would tentatively be a good time for you, and that we could meet up for coffee. I joked about meeting in the morning at 8 AM, and you responded with a “Let’s make it 6 AM.” I countered your sarcasm with “we could catch a sun-rise”, and you replied, “Fuck that!” However, by the tone in your voice, I can only assume what you really meant to say was “fuck you.” You haven’t given the car to Justin’s parents yet because you “wanted to run it through a car wash first.” I doubt you will ever get rid of that car. It reminds you of Justin’s grandfather, and thus the Love you had for Justin and his family. I think it’s safe to say you’re attached to that motor vehicle. It’s too bad my name is still on the pink slip, but I’m sure we’ll take care of that on Monday. Besides the pre-phone call emotions, our conversation was banal and mundane. You and I don’t make jokes or laugh together. It’s sad for me to analyze our conversations to the point of banality, but it’s the honest truth. You told me you went to San Jose yesterday, but didn’t explain why. Most likely you were visiting your Love, Justin. Maybe you two were made for each other? After all, you two have a lot in common. You both are content with normality and banality. And you both now have a common enemy. Justin and you were together for almost five years. You were engaged for six months before you convinced him to break up with you. Then, when you and I developed into the love we had, Justin waned in the shadows of jealousy, hoping you and I were doomed to perish. Well, it looks like things have finally worked in his favor. You and I are a dead memory while you and Justin are now rekindled lovers. I remember the first time I met Justin. I didn’t like his curt attitude towards you and me. He’s actually a prick. But, it’s your life, and your decision. It’s your decision who you love and who you don’t love. I knew he would return in your life as a lover. I just knew it. Because of this he has never been a friend to me. I really dislike that man—your best friend, your new-old lover.


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