Sunday October 22nd 2006, 6:56 am
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To the Good,

Yesterday I came over to your apartment so that I could sign over the pink slip to the car, as well as borrow the car for the evening. I had to move my things from San Francisco. We were quite pleasant with one another, which wasnít surprising. Thereís a large part of me that wants to be your friend, as you can tell by how eager I am to have a decent conversation with you. I want to hug you, hold you physically like the way I hold you in my heart. Our cat was very friendly with me, however I doubt she remembers that I was the one who cuddled and loved her as a kitten. Your Apartment looks wonderful, and I can only hope that someday I will land on my feet like you have. Your new haircut looked nice, but was cut pretty short for my tastes. However, when I first met you, your hair was three times shorter than it is now, and I still found a way to fall in love with you. We talked about the security deposit and said you would try to pay me back if I stopped shooting your friends with squirt guns. I laughed over this sardonic comment, but you didnít think it was very funny. We shared a brief hug on my arrival to the apartment, but didnít even wave goodbye on my departure.

To the Evil,

Thereís a part of me that wants nothing to do with you. I want to cut you loose and never cross your path again. When I become nostalgic for your affection, I immediately and subsequently fill with anger, passionately wishing for your demise. I donít want you to be so content with your life. Your new Apartment articles make me jealous of your new life. Thereís no way I can cope with these raw guttural emotions that swell when Iím in your presence. I have to bite my lip and continue on with logistical (un)developments in our marriage. You said you would pay for the divorce papers because I am too poor to pay for them myself. Youíre so adamant on our separation. Fucking take it easy. Iím fragile still, unlike you and your hardened outer core. And I know youíre fucking new men these days, which only makes me sad because I havenít fucked anyone since you. The Apartment has become totally yours, which pisses me off because my name is still on the lease. I donít think I will give you my new address in Los Angeles, just so you wonít be able to send me the divorce papers. Itíd be nice to fuck with you for a while, at least until I get on my feet and find a job. Just to spite you, I wonít fail when I return to Los Angeles.

-My Ego

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